Pope saying mass at Santa Marta

Business as usual for faithful despite coronavirus

Around the world, efforts are being made to ensure Catholics experience minimal disruption to their faith lives as a result of the coronavirus outbreak.

Televised masses, on-demand services and a host of provisions issued by the Australian Bishops will ensure churchgoers can continue to practise their faith as securely as possible while the crisis continues to unfold.

Alternative remote Mass services are available via the following:

‘These services provide an opportunity for people to enter into the spirit of the liturgy remotely, and in listening to the word of God find a focus for daily prayer,’ said Fr Brian Lucas, National Director of Catholic Mission, a sponsor of Mass for You at Home.

The Australian Catholic Bishops Conference last week issued a statement announcing a range of measures intended to safeguard the thousands who will continue to attend public Mass services throughout the year.

They included the indefinite removal of Holy Water from the front of churches, the suspension of use of the chalice during Holy Communion and the discouragement of handshaking as a sign of peace. All Sacraments will continue to be administered to any person confirmed or suspected to be infected with the coronavirus.

Fr Lucas said for those facing lengthy spells at home, the alternatives to attending Mass in person meant one less thing to worry about.

‘Mass for You at Home has for nearly fifty years supported the right of every Catholic to participate in Mass. It is an invaluable resource during what is an uncertain and difficult time for many, and we are proud to support it.

‘These contingencies that are available will be of comfort especially to the elderly, who may be apprehensive about gathering with large crowds at conventional public Masses.’