A life-changing project for families in Ethiopia.

Catholic Mission has launched its major appeal for the year, a community farm project in central Ethiopia. This project is working towards a solution to bring hope to families and children suffering from malnutrition.

Subsistence farming is a way of life for millions of people in Ethiopia. However, persistent drought and increasing food prices result in many experiencing health problems due to a lack of nutritious food.

“Distressingly, 70 percent of families in the town of Emdibir are unable to put food on the table,” says Fr Brian.

“The church and community in Emdibir know the situation will not get any better without any intervention, and in response have collaborated to design a goat rearing centre, to reach out to families in desperate need. It’s a life-changing project”

The goat rearing centre will be an extension of the Deberety Farm in Embidir, which was first opened by the local parish priest, Fr Habtesilassie Antuan, in 2018.

Known as Fr Habte, he grew up in Emdibir himself, experiencing the challenges of substance farming living, firsthand.

The farm grows produce such as enset, a hardy banana-like fruit, avocado and coffee. But the current produce at the farm is simply not enough to sustain the village.

To reach more families, Fr Habte and the community want to expand the farm to include a goat rearing centre and produce goat’s milk.

“This is a multidimensional benefit when we think of a goat breeding program,” says Fr Habte.

“Many farmers do not know that goat’s milk is available. Second, there are many children with malnutrition. Most of the food is enset here. Enset is a carbohydrate. It is not baby food.”

More nourishing and affordable than cow’s milk, goat’s milk can help provide a healthy source of food, which can also be made into staple food, like cheese and butter.

In addition to supplying families in Emdibir, the milk will be provided to local health clinics for nutrition programs. Any extra milk produced will be sold to other regions.

“Responding to the need of our neighbour is the heart of mission, and by building the goat centre it can bring hope for many families in need,” says Fr Brian.

“But it can only be made possible because of the generosity of our supporters.”

Your partnership with the Church in Ethiopia can help bring hope for families in Embibir.