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Catholic Mission’s Village Space comes to Toowoomba

Catholic school students in Toowoomba will next week be able to experience the life of a former child soldier in Uganda, see how the women of Bougainville, PNG helped broker a ceasefire, and learn how people power stopped uranium mining in Jabiluka.

Catholic Mission’s Village Space, an education program for school students, is coming to Toowoomba for four performances next Monday and Tuesday (25-26 August) at the Callaghan Centre at St Saviour’s College.

Village Space is dramatised, interactive stories of global justice. It takes the audience to peoples and their communities in the developing world through the medium of interactive dramatised storytelling around justice issues. The audience are active participants in the performances, forming a labyrinth which spirals around the performers in the middle. By doing this the audience is able to be involved in the storytelling, and in some cases audience members will play specific roles in the stories.

Students from 10 Catholic schools across Toowoomba will travel to St Saviour’s College next Monday for performances at 10.00am and 1.00pm.

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