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Socktober is an initiative of Catholic Mission and one way which your school can fundraise and engage in advocacy and formation activities for Catholic Mission during World Mission Month in October, or at other times throughout the year.

The way you use Socktober for fundraising, formation and advocacy is only limited to the ways your imagination can create activities relating to socks! Socktober activities promise to be fun, exciting and something your school can adapt, embrace and become involved with, according to your circumstances, resourcing and other commitments.

The ‘sock it to something’ concept is an Australian expression that means to strike out at. We want to invite you to help us strike out at social issues, such as poverty, child labour, child trafficking, homelessness and lack of education and to do so we also need your practical support.

Please visit the World Mission Month School Resource website at

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Fundraise Online

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1 Hold a Crazy Sock Day and encourage your students to wear crazy socks all over their body. What is the most creative way they can wear socks? Get children to donate a gold coin to participate.
2 Host a Rock Your Socks Off dance party, either during a lunch break, or maybe an after-school disco fundraiser with a gold coin contribution. 
3 Pass the Sock Around as a fundraiser in your classroom, year or throughout the entire school and ask people to place their donations in the sock.
4 Have a Sock-tion of different items, and auction pairs of socks obtained from famous people, such as football players.
5 Hold a movie day, with a movie that focuses on feet, dancing and socks (e.g. Happy Feet, Footloose).
5 Have a competition to see which student can create the best sock puppet, then hold a puppet show and charge an entry fee for the event.


1r Put on a sock puppet show, with a focus on a story from the Bible or an issue of social justice.
2r Run a Socktober liturgy or Mass.
3r Socks need to be washed—create a Prayer Line at your school (a portable clothes line showing socks with prayer points and other spiritual enrichment).
Aimed at secondary students: Coordinate all the students and staff at your school to take off their shoes and socks at exactly the same time on a nominated day. Our vision is that for a suitable time span, students will bare their feet and their heart as a simple gesture to show solidarity for those hundreds of thousands of children who go barefoot to school every day.
Aimed at primary students: This activity is suggested for the 31st October (or nearest school day) to mark World Mission Month in October. The idea is to introduce your students to a piece of literature that offers a powerful message about mission, social justice, or making a difference, which all students in all classes in the school read and study at the same time.


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Wmm-Schools-LinkWorld Mission Month Schools Campaign 2016

Just as you did it to one of the least of these... You did it to me 'Sock it to poverty' in Cambodia.
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Wmm-Schools-LinkWorld Mission Month Schools Campaign 2015

I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink 'Sock it to poverty' in Madagascar.
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Wmm-Schools-LinkWorld Mission Month Schools Campaign 2014

When I grow up I want to be... Alive 'Sock it to poverty' in Jamaica.
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Socktober-GallerySockrates and Sally Photo Gallery

Click here to view and download photos from the Socktober Photo Gallery, featuring images of Sockrates and Sally and their adventures around the world!




Socktober Sockdance Video


Socktober Hip Hop Dance Video

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