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Do something beautiful for God

The DVD "Do something beautiful for God" takes us to the diocese of Iquitos, located on the Amazon River in the Peruvian rainforest.

Throughout the DVD you meet Father John and Father Raymundo - two truly inspirational individuals who reach out in God’s name together with the local church to those affected by hardship, disease and extreme poverty.

This seven minute DVD gives a comprehensive overview of the work of Catholic Mission and the global mission of the Church.

Watch the DVD today and be inspired, as you also reach out and do something beautiful for God.

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Build Community Together in Christ

The DVD "Build Community Together in Christ" has once again been created to support the celebration of World Mission Day, and Children’s Mission Day in schools around Australia.

The DVD will give an insight to the story of Timor-Leste, its people and the courage and strength of the church. The DVD highlights the importance of the church in Timor-Leste and its role in rebuilding the nation, creating faith, peace and hope for the future.

Despite the hardship and struggle the country has experienced, this is a story of hope.

This DVD is a great resource to use when celebrating World Mission Day and to raise awareness and funds to support the work of Catholic Mission in Timor-Leste and 160 countries around the world.

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Reach Out Give Life DVD

Jesus reached out across many barriers to bring life to everyone.

He reached out and touched the sick to heal them. He touched the dead to raise them to new life. He drank and ate with sinners and gentiles to show them the Father’s love.

He socialised with outcasts to invite them to his banquet of life and love, especially those who were considered not worthy in the thinking of his time. He did all this and more even though he broke so many religious and cultural taboos of this time, because each person is created in the image and likeness of God, his Father.

Fr Damien of Molokai reached out and crossed the barrier that separated those with leprosy from the rest of society. He did this in order to touch them, care for them and bring God’s love for them in his pastoral, sacramental and human ministry.

Pope Benedict XVI challenges us in his Mission Sunday message to be concerned for all peoples of the earth, and that our mission of transforming the world with the proclamation of love must reach out to the ends of the earth.

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One World One Family One Mission of Love DVD

A supporting resource for the 2008 World Mission Month Education program about Thailand.

The stories in the student worksheets are complimented with a short 10 minute DVD on this year’s theme. This film is suitable for upper primary and secondary.

Though the people mentioned in the worksheet stories don’t actually appear in the DVD, the programs that help them are an integral part of the many pastoral activities of Archdiocese of Thare Nonseng in the northeast of Thailand, which covers the two areas of Sakon Nakhon and Kalasin.

This film shows how the diocese is being renewed by small ‘Basic Christian Communities’ inspired by the Gospel. A fruit of this is people are reaching out to each other, creating strong communities and healthy families.

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Youth in Mission DVD

A supporting resource for the 2007 World Mission Month Education program – Youth in Mission.

This film profiles three young people from diverse backgrounds. Israel works as a youth worker and choir leader in a squatter town of Johannesburg, South Africa. Marisa works in a women’s health program in the poor favelas of Belo Horizonte, Brazil and Chris works as an aboriginal education consultant in Western Sydney.

Each in their unique way is clearly involved in furthering Jesus’ mission daily in their local community.

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"Life for All…Our Vision" DVD

“I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.”

Our vision is of a world in which all people, free from any discrimination and barriers to life, can reach full happiness, allowing them to live their lives in full dignity, as the Creator God intends.

This visual snapshot captures the spirit and the faces of the people with whom Catholic Mission works in more than 160 countries over 180 years.

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Behind the Razor Wire DVD

The treatment of asylum seekers is one of the most burning social issues in Australia. This film reflects on the positive reception more than a million refugees have received in Thailand, a predominately Buddhist country. What challenges does this raise for us in living out the Gospel in Australia today? It asks the question “How generous can we be?”.

Some of the issues the film deals with are:

  • The dignity of the human person
  • The international issue of displaced people and migration
  • The Church’s response to displaced people
  • A State response to displaced people
  • The resilience and creativity of people fleeing persecution
  • Hope and future for displaced peoples

This film is designed as a support resource for the secondary worksheets and Grades 5-6 worksheets with the teacher’s discretion. Some language may be difficult for upper primary students. It has been produced primarily for secondary students and adults and is available in DVD format.

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"Celebrate Life – In the Streets of Brazil” DVD

Designed as a support resource for the Grades 5-6 and Grades 7-9 Worksheets. It is available in a primary version recommended for grades 5-6 and grades 7-9 Worksheets.

It is available in a primary version recommended for grades 5 and 6, and in an adult version for secondary students and adults, in both DVD format.

This 10 minute video, focusing on a health project in the slums of Brazil, explores how a group of volunteers inspired by the Gospel and touched by the urgency of life and death in their neighbourhood organise themselves to dramatically improve the quality of life for many thousands of people.

Their work has grown and is now a collaboration between Church and Government and has three times been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

The video deals with issues of:

  • Broad understanding of life
  • The dignity of the human person
  • Involvement, service and commitment at a local and national level
  • Pro-action, local initiative and sustainable development
  • Collaboration and networking between church and secular organisations
  • Parenting, Family and Community responsibilities
  • Civil Education, Citizenship and Nation Building

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