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Catholic Mission encourages Australians and our friends around the world to put Christ’s mission into action – to reach out, give life and call all people in the world to faith, justice and love.

This happens through:

Educating and forming Australians in mission

Providing mission leadership formation, educational services and resources throughout Australia.

Engaging Australians in global mission

Offering opportunities and inviting Australians to participate in the work of mission and justice through prayer, action, giving and cross-cultural immersion.

Partnering with local churches and communities in 1,100 dioceses worldwide

Through spiritual and pastoral care and building programs, both overseas and in remote Australia. In so doing Catholic Mission continues the work of nourishing the hungry and thirsty; welcoming the stranger, ostracised and lonely; clothing the naked; protecting the vulnerable; visiting and going out to the sick and incarcerated (Cf. Matthew 25:35-37); teaching and healing (Cf. Matthew 9:35).

Fostering local Church leadership

Through funding vital training for emerging Church leaders in communities that are poor, throughout the world. This includes local priests, deacons, religious, lay leaders and catechists as servants of their people. In so doing Catholic Mission continues the work of caring and teaching; celebrating the sacrament of life; ensuring that there are the necessary leaders to serve the community and to preside in the sacramental moments of its life; and praying for all people in need (Cf. Matthew 9:36-38).

Encouraging children to care for children

Through the support of education, healthcare, shelter, food and personal development programs. It also invites the wider community to support children’s initiatives. In so doing Catholic Mission continues the work of giving special preference to those children who are the most vulnerable—the most in need—in the name of Jesus, as welcoming Jesus himself (Cf. Matthew 18:5).

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